ESNA can arrange for drayage of full containers to our facility, and for expedited pickups of your cargo at Container Freight Stations or from Air Freight Terminals at LAX. We run our own 26ft bobtail truck as La Sarge Trucking, and we also subcontract out larger shipments with our partner carriers that run fleets of 53′ trailers. ESNA is also a licensed property broker and can arrange truckloads to anywhere in the contiguous United States through our network of trusted freight brokers.

Shipping and Receiving

ESNA will assist with tracking expected inbound shipments and will take a delivery appointment from the carrier, whether arranged by ESNA or by an outside party. We will sort and segregate floorloaded containers or palletized loads, tally against an advance packing list or other pre-receipt info, and promptly report and address any overages, shortages, or damages. Our Warehouse Management System tracks lot numbers, serial numbers, expiration dates, and storage locations, all of which are visible to you through our web portal. ESNA can receive order information via e-mail or through our warehouse management system’s flat file import process.

ESNA Logistics is the right choice for you!

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